Birth Integration


What is Birth Integration?

‘Birth Integration’ combines powerful and effective modalities of healing, that when combined create a process to explore, empower, heal and re-pattern old traumas, from as early as pre-conception. (the time prior to your actual conception) It is part regression therapy, re-patterning and re-parenting therapy, sandplay therapy and hypnotherapy. It utilizes EMDR, NLP techniques, birth games, art therapy, Gestalt techniques, and Spiritual and Energy Psychology to achieve a deep healing response.

The ability of human beings to store memories in their bodies at the Physical, Emotional and Spiritual levels is truly amazing. Details of traumatic events from as far back as your pre- birth experiences can be indelibly imprinted into your unconscious mind. These experiences though not consciously remembered may continue to shape, limit, and create blockages in your life. Beginning with your earliest experiences and relationships, ‘Birth Integration’ brings you a unique opportunity to reach back in time to resolve those traumas.

Birth Integration’ creates a safe and nurturing environment inviting a newly strengthened grown up/authentic Self to re-parent your ‘little one’ to feel safe. It has been my client’s experience that as their issues are gently healed and old deep emotional wounds and scars resolved, their true potential becomes available. The talented vivacious ‘sparkle child’ that they once were, begins again to become consciously present within them.

The study of Peri and PreNatal Psychology and Health began in the 1970’s with the advent of obstetrical technology that showed new phenomenon about an unborn baby’s inutero experience. It became apparent that unborn babies (also called prenates) are highly aware conscious beings, not the unfeeling, unknowing lump of growing cells science thought they were. We grew to understand through the brilliant work of cellular biologist Dr Bruce Lipton,(author of The Biology of Belief) that memory is not stored in the brain (and so brain development is not a factor in early memory storage) but in the cells themselves and can be retrieved and changed.

Researchers realized that unborn babies immediately try to make sense of their world, and are extremely sensitive to their mother’s feelings and emotions…i.e. if a baby is wanted and planned for or is unwanted and unplanned, the baby feels the mother’s joy or sorrow at its presence.

If the prenate is a girl but the family is hoping for a boy, she knows it and will make decisions about herself based on that knowledge, and the reverse is true as well.

If the mother is scared, worried and nervous, or is ambivalent (unsure) about wanting to be pregnant, the prenate swims in the soup of those emotions which can permeate, imprint and deeply affect it at all levels of his/her existence.

The baby will try to disconnect by shutting down his/her feelings, as its primitive defenses kick in to protect it so as not to feel the hurt, rejection, not good enough, and not loveable enough messages it is receiving from the mother or family.

As it tries, in its very primitive and limited way, to handle these emotionally overwhelming feelings, this precious little one is already setting up the difficult core issues that will sit at the very foundation of his/her beingness. This little one has had its first concretized experience of trauma and yet it may only be just post conception.

The above are just a small sampling of the causation of early prenatal trauma. If a mother drinks, smokes, uses recreational drugs or medications, eats too much sugar or junk foods, has no support around her, has a husband or partner at risk in a war, or feels at risk herself, has financial issues, has to move, experiences a profound loss (even the death or loss of a beloved pet), or has family issues that are upsetting (in-laws or otherwise), she very likely will create a very distressing and toxic environment to grow and birth her baby from.

Then again, maybe everything in your inutero life appeared perfect (you were wanted, loved, and prepared for) but then during your birth one or more of the following happens…, you are born premature, or your mom is given meds to bring on or speed up labor, or an analgesic to help with labor pains, or your mother needs a Cesarean Section.

Perhaps, you felt roughly handled by medical staff, placed in an incubator or in a nursery and your mom didn’t hold you or feed you for hours.

These medical interventions happen every day to babies and their mom’s, and affect both their lives in many ways. Are we able to trust life? Do we develop authority issues? Are we easily controlled and manipulated? Are we always late or need to be early for appointments? Can we easily start a project but never get to quite complete it, (suddenly losing the stick-to-it-iveness right in the middle)? Do we struggle to get started never quite having the energy to begin? Were we able to securely attach to our mother‘s and was she able to bond with us? These are important questions that warrant exploration to discover our story especially if our lives are not all we desire it to be, or we want the lives of our children to be better.

Recognizing, that many of us have any one of these experiences and come through it just fine…humans are amazingly resilient. But, when a number of these traumatizing events are present, the increased possibility of difficulties will grow.


How we birth our babies matters. Whether they grow into healthy, strong, emotionally sound individuals or into mistrusting, volatile, dysfunctional human beings is directly related to their prenatal and birth experience.